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The East African Business Mirror is an Impact Communications (K) Ltd company, dedicated to informing and entertaining East Africans in Business News. The East African Business Mirror leads the way in delivering unrivaled East African business news. We hold a unique position in the East African market as a media company able to offer advertising solutions on website as well as our bi-monthly magazine.

The power of The East African Business Mirror integrated approach has been demonstrated in quality Business News in the East Africa region.

At The East African Business Mirror we are committed to a customer-focused approach, with priorities to deliver creative, innovative, ‘can do’ Advertising Services based on your customer needs and objectives. We connect with Hundreds of Thousands of Audience on a weekly basis.

For more information and inspiration on advertising opportunities with The East African Business Mirror Website as our Business Mirror Magazine please contact us.

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East African Business Mirror International ensures no matter where you are you can keep up to date with the latest breaking business and financial news.

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