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The rich defy corona, scramble for new Land Rover Defender


Orders for the newly launched 2020 Land Rover Defender in Kenya are defying the tough economic environment brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, with buyers ready to pay part with Sh21.6 million per unit.

The demand for the new luxury vehicle perhaps marries the Q12020 statistics by the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI), which showed wealthy people in Kenya took many high-end vehicles out of showrooms compared to the same period last year.

According to the report, dealers sold 45 high-end cars between January and March compared to 26 units a year earlier.

High-end cars sold were even sold at a better rate than the overall new-vehicle market, which posted 43 fewer sales to 2,698 units from 2,741 units.

According to Inchcape Kenya Limited, dealers for the new Land Rover Line-up that includes the luxurious Range Rover family and the versatile Discovery SUVs, already four of 15 units shipped in for last week’s launch have been bought.

The quality features of this new modal are driving up pre-orders world over. Here in Kenya, we expect half of the 15 units to be cleared before end month,’’ Inchcape Kenya Limited managing director Hussein Mohamed said.

Described as the most capable Land Rover ever made, the large SUV brings with it a world-class off-road geometry to tackle the toughest terrains in Africa courtesy of its unique monocoque architecture that

has triple the torsional rigidity of a body-on-frame design. Whilst being lightweight, fuel-efficient and engaging to drive.

According to Mohamed, the new model represents 70 years of innovation and improvement; honouring the vehicle’s history for rugged solidity while thoroughly remaining a Defender for the 21st century.

”It is a vehicle with exemplary design credential and engineering capabilities. Which is how, we continue to break new ground, defy conventions and encourage each other to go further,’’ Mohamed said.

It comes with either as either a 90 or a 110-body design, both of which are world-class experts, off and of on-road.

There are six models – Defender, S, SE, HSE, First Edition or Defender X – and four Accessory Packs- Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban, each with a distinctive character to suit a user’s lifestyle and providing the ultimate personalisation features.

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