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Shreeji for stress free cargo transport


Shreeji Enterprises (Kenya) Limited, located in Nairobi, Kenya-ranks as one of the lading transportation logis tics company. Its multiple services and clientele baseis spread across the larger East African region.

Over the past two decades, the firm has built an enduring reputation for the provision of safe and vastly dependable Long Haulage transport operations. And as an additional value, Shreeji also offers secure warehouse storage and clearance logistics services for specialized and general cargo.

The bulk of their clients include to a diverse group of business people and companies dealing with assorted goods, which often require transportation services across the East African Region. In addition to cargo haulage services, Shreeji Enterprises also stocks a broad variety of building materials for wholesale trading in the East African market. These range from construction reinforcement bars to varied steel pipes, wire products, cement and interior finishing accessories.

Shreeji Enterprises’ operations commenced during 1994, driven by the noble dream and ambition to build one of Kenya’s best truckload and cargo transport company and over the subsequent years, the firm whose services kicked off with one truck has since flourished into a fleet of 650 trucks currently.

Almost three decades down the line, Shreeji Enterprises now boosts are workforce of over 650 employees. The leading transport and cargo haulage firm’s mantra is ‘’safe relocation safe relocating or moving cargo, heavy or fragile goods; speed and safe delivery is of prime importance…’’

The cargo transportation sector is often unpredictable, involving entrustment of goods often worth millions of shillings or equivalent in Dollars/Euros, to an ideally reliable firm. Shreeji management ensures that the clientele will have guaranteed confidence in their fleet dependability and driver/ crew, with the bulk of services set to be delivered within strict hence agreed deadlines as per customer expectations and specifications.

Shreeji Enterprises is a duly registered firm, under the Companies Act as a limited liability company pursuant to Kenyan laws. The firm’s reputation is hinged on the provision of top notch, constantly reliable transportation, secure warehousing and prompt logistics services.

From the point of cargo collection, the specific goods are moved using the company’s resources, its controlled equipment and legitimately enlisted staff drivers, and other ground handling works.

Coupled with years of experience in the shipping and cargo haulage industry, Shreeji’s personnel expertise, innovative technology and a modern approach to the real-time cargo transportation and logistics, their customers are assured that their cargo is in safe hands.

Shreeji Enterprises values personalized customer services and the management goes the extra mile to ensure hands-on provision of haulage services directly from the anchored ship. The hassles of cargo clearance process at the port, are promptly eased by making use of the company warehouse-situated in Shimanzi, Mombasa [a location that is strategically
close to the Mombasa port].

On any given day, Shreeji Enterprises currently boasts of the capacity to handle an estimated 2,100,000 Metric Tonnes of cargo annually. Plans are underway to ensure the company expands their capacity further, by offering their services to potential clients while also enhancing current relationships with existing and a fast-growing customers’ base.

Shreeji’s core services include provision of Cargo Haulage Solutions, Direct Loading Facilities, Clearing & Forwarding, Warehouse Logistics, Flat-bed Solutions & Tanker solutions.

With its growing fleet of 650 trucks and a capacity to move 175,000 Tonnes on monthly basis, the company has managed to enhance its supply chain and transport logistics. With the company headquarters based in Nairobi and a branch in Mombasa, located close to its warehouse facilities within distance of Mombasa Sea port, both facilities have storage capacity for 300,000 Tonnes.

The company has managed to scale up operations in their hardware division, and set up available with ease, not only to the local dealers while also making inroads in several neighboring countries across the East African Region. They also distribute among other items consumable grains, palm oil, sodium silicate, steel cargo and import/export other products.

Over the recent years, Shreeji Enterprises has also expanded its scope of operations, to include GPS tracking for trucks, Construction & Development, Aviation Leasing and Clearing & Forwarding logistics. These services are offered as independent arms of the company, alongside the regular sale of assorted manufactured and building materials. Shreeji’s management has put measures in place in the confidence that the company is well positioned to raise above all odds, particularly on basis of numerous development projects in the pipeline-all which are set to raise the firm’s business profile in the consistently competitive maritime sector.

In the pipeline, is the pursuit of new investments and business growth tasks. Top of the list is rebranding from Shreeji Enterprises into Shreeji Group of Companies. This structure is informed by the firm’s vision to invest in new ventures such as agriculture to supplement their grains supply business.