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Sawela Lodge Naivasha location is off the southern shores of Lake Naivasha. Beautiful yellow and green acacia trees surround this Lodge . While the environment is relaxing, it’s also completely modern, with contemporary facilities. Like many hotels in Naivasha, the ultra-contemporary facilities complement unique African architecture and design.

Situated off Moi South Lake Road. This lodge offers stunning views of both the lake and volcanic Mount Longonot. It’s only about an hour’s drive from the capital city, Nairobi, for your convenience and ease of accessing the many National Parks and Game Reserves which are home to the African Lion and diverse Safari animals.

Sawela means “comfort in a bird’s nest,” a fitting name for the tranquil and relaxing ambience of the lodge. This Lodge features 18 deluxe rooms and 24 superior rooms with your choice of single or double beds. Each of the rooms features hand knit mats, stunning African art and all-day free Wi-Fi.

Each room also has large window lounges that let you enjoy the fresh breeze off the beautiful Lake Naivasha and let plenty of natural light into your room. There’s plenty to do here as well. Lake Naivasha Sawela Lodge focuses on providing guests with recreational activities they can enjoy without having to wander far from the hotel, like contact sports, guided nature walks and swimming.

The Sawela Lodge will provide you with several services and facilities to make your stay more enjoyable. They offer laundry services, baby sitting and a safety deposit box for your valuables. Enjoy your next vacation, wedding or conference at The Lake Naivasha Sawela Lodges.
Rooms Types
Deluxe Rooms
Apart from the beautiful room décor spiced by elegant furniture designs, cheering curtains and beddings, the rooms have enormous window lounges that let in sufficient natural light and a wonderful fresh breeze. The rooms’ luxury toiletries and bathrooms have been designed to offer a luxury experience to our esteemed guests.
With our touch of Africa signature décor, our facilities come with amenities to include hairdryers, beautiful bathrobes coffee and tea making facilities. All our rooms offer timeless comfort to our Guests ensuring an
added measure of excellence at every moment of your stay. All our hotel guests enjoy 24 hr free access to Wi-Fi internet as well as free swimming pool.
Deluxe Rooms offer timeless comfort to our Guests ensuring an added measure of excellence at every moment of your stay. All our hotel guests enjoy 24 hr free access to Wi-Fi internet as well as free swimming pool
Superior Rooms
Superior Rooms offer timeless comfort to our Guests ensuring an added measure of excellence at every moment of your stay. All our hotel guests enjoy 24 hr free access to Wi-Fi internet as well as free swimming pool
Foods & Drinks
The Lake Naivasha Sawela Lodge feature a master chef and an experienced culinary team that happily prepares both Kenyan and international dishes for guests both in the traditional dining room and off the a la carte menu. Produce is sourced from neighboring counties and local farms, so you can be sure you get a true Kenyan experience.
In addition to these meals, Naivasha Sawela Lodge also provides an early children’s dinner, so your children can eat at an appropriate time and retire to bed, while you enjoy a late meal and entertainment. Among the many Naivasha Hotels, Sawela Lodge offers buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner service. Some packages also include barbecue dinners at no extra cost.
Wine and dine in one of the best Lodges in Kenya, starting with fresh produce from the local farms and the neighbouring counties, Chef Kennethy and his culinary team showcase the best of the local produce
enhanced by classic cutting edge techniques.
One of the many favorites of our guest is the Grilled Tilapia fish that when prepared stays soft on the inside and crisp on the outside from the chefs low heat slow cooking technique.
Our Gourmet offerings have been developed to suite the many request from our varied discerning guest. Starting with local cuisine, our chefs are well versed in French, Italian, Indian and American continental foods.
As our put it “Savor the selection of the finest food options available at The Sawela Lodge, and prepare yourself for a culinary experience like none other from the Chefs corner; a cuisine that will inspire even the most discerning palates.
Hotel Activities
The Sawela Lodges offer a stay and play vibe at the hotel, providing a number of recreational activities where guests can choose from during their stay. These include: Lawn racket ball, Netball, Swimming, Cycling, Boating, Football, Guided nature walks, The Sawela trail, Darting, Fishing and Bird watching via boat
There are also a variety of indoor games and board games. Many child-friendly activities are also on offer and the Sawela Lodges have a fully-equipped kid’s corner with plenty of toys and games to keep your little ones occupied. Outdoors, children can enjoy a big, bright bouncy castle.
Extra Services
Like many hotels in Naivasha, the Sawela Lodge is an ideal venue for weddings. This top Naivasha Hotel hosts many different types of weddings in Naivasha, including destination, classic and traditional. With the Lake Naivasha as a beautiful backdrop, you can use Sawela’s expertise to plan your ceremony, reception and honeymoon. The lovely staff and wedding planners at Sawela Lodges are prepared to provide you with a memorable occasion.
Sawela Lodges Weddings
Kenya Weddings, Weddings in Kenya, located at the shores of Lake Naivasha, The Sawela Lodge is beyond doubt your ideal best wedding venues and destinations in Kenya. By offering local insight through Team Sawela’s years of experience, our Weddings in Kenya expertise extends beyond planning luxurious weddings ceremonies & receptions
to offering you peace of mind as you plan this unforgettable moment. The Sawela has hosted a variety of weddings as per our guest requirements. From Traditional, to classic, to destination weddings, the Lakeshore backdrop has proven to be the most ideal. It’s a promise to provide a seamless service from the start of your wedding
plans to your honeymoon and beyond. Experience is everything & our wedding planners create truly personal, memorable occasions.
Sawela Lodges Conferences
The Sawela Lodges Kenya offers unique hotel conference facilities and venues in Naivasha, from seminar to conference and accommodation at our exclusive lodge in Naivasha. With a variety of extra services to help you plan and organize a successful conference or workshop, we have 8 Conference halls, 2 boardrooms and breakaway rooms on request, in addition large spacious grounds for outdoor conference on request.
Conference facilities are also available for business purposes at the Sawela Lodge. Whether you’re hosting a seminar, workshop or team-building conference in Navasha; the eight conference halls, two boardrooms and spacious outdoor conference spaces will help you do so. Flip charts, LCD projectors and screens, televisions, radios, a PA system and unlimited Wi-Fi are at your disposal to make each meeting.

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