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Rise in online shopping apps in Kenya


The growing internet penetration in the country has seen many people turn to online shopping sites.

Last week, Samsung decided to join the bandwagon,  setting up its own online brand shop for their customers to be able to access its products from the convenience of their homes. It will focus on the consumer electronics segment.    

It will also offer free delivery services to the consumers that are very different from the other online shopping platforms like Jumia and Kilimall that charge you a standard fee for delivery.

What sets this platform apart from the other online shopping sites is that upon the purchase of the product, it will be delivered on the same day for the consumers within Nairobi and 24 hours for those outside Nairobi.

Its competitor LG Electronics has four online brand shops, with the fourth one launched last year in September with a bid to increase its footprint in the East African region with new stores in strategic locations that have high sales potential.

LG also executed a campaign dubbed the last mile to support customer after-sale service through its chain of service centres located in key towns to re-engage consumers in the East African region.

Copia Kenya, an online shopping platform, is B2C e-commerce that serves Africa’s middle and low-income consumers.

It focuses on customers in the rural areas that struggle to access the same goods services in terms of choice, price value and reliability that similar consumers in urban areas or of higher income levels can access. 

As opposed to Samsung and LG, it does all products from electronics to home appliances. The other difference that is noticeable is that it recruits small business owners who have already established some level of familiarity and trust with customers and trains them to become agents.

The urban and diaspora-based consumers can also use the service to shop for loved ones in rural areas. It takes Copia between 24 to 48 hours to get products for its customers.

It does not charge a delivery fee and that is due to the streamlining of traditional supply chain processes as it gets many goods directly from suppliers and aggregates them.

Jumia is also one of the online shopping platforms that have gained traction in this space of delivery services. It sells a wide range of products including Electronics.

Last year December, Jumia recently launched JumiaPay Egypt as a payment service provider. It will facilitate online payments and the distribution of a broad range of digital and financial services.

In their bid to make consumers support restaurants, they offered to give free delivery services every Monday for Jumia foods consumers.   

Besides having a wide range of products, it also gives discounts and deals for the satisfaction and joy of the customers.