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Investors happy as operations at Naivasha Inland Container Depot commence


Naivasha is expected to be the next hub of business in the Country thanks to the recently establishment of a special economic zone in Mai Mahiu.

With the Inland Container Depot (ICD) already operational and 1,000 acres set aside for the industrial park, tens of local and international investors have already shown interest in the region.

This come as Isuzu Kenya opened its 18th service outlet Njewa Automobile in Naivasha town targeting the transport, floriculture and hospitality industries.

According to Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui, the collection of cargo from the ICD has already boasted business within Mai Mahiu and its environs.

He noted that the 28km extension of the new railway line from Mai Mahiu SGR station to Longonot would ease the transportation of goods to neighboring countries.

“The National and County governments have major plans for Naivasha and this includes improving infrastructure, providing water and electricity and planning,” he said.

While praising the initiative by Isuzu, Kinyanjui said that the county is working closely with local investors to benefit from the 50 acres donated by the government around the industrial park.

He said that they had invited bidders for business proposals on the land adding that local investors would be given first priority.

The governor praised plans to duel the Nairobi-Mau Summit road noting that this would reduce the time used on the road and assist in ferrying of produce to the market.

“We are pleased with the government’s policy to assemble motor vehicle parts in the country as this will create employment and reduce the high prices of vehicles,” he said.

Nakuru Trade CEC Raymond Komen said that the county has enacted friendly legislation and policies to support and attract more investors.

He said the special economic zone is already operational adding that SMEs would be first considered on the 50 acres donated by the national government.

“Operations at the ICD have kicked off and the county is keen to support local and international investors who are willing to start any industry around,” he said.

Isuzu sales director Julius Mwangi said that they have a total of 53 dealers and service outlets in the country noting that the new outlet has the capacity to serve over 300 vehicles every month.

“Naivasha is a key transit point for transporters and travelers moving cargo from the Port of Mombasa to neighboring countries, this outlet will come in handy,” he said.

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