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How Ruto plans to create jobs for youths


President William Ruto has highlighted on a number of ways the government will create jobs for youths.

Ruto has invested heavily on the digital infrastructure by planning to construct an extra 100,000 kilometres of national fibre optic connectivity.

Availability of fibre optic connectivity will enhance government service delivery through digitisation of all government processes for the transfer of 80 per cent of government services online.

With the rising advancement in technology, youths stand a high chance of being employed in the digital space.

The government also launched an initiative dubbed the Kenya Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme to create  employment for the youths.

Through K-YEEAP, one million youths will be employed in the next one year.

The government further plans to scale up cultural production and creative economy by appointing accomplished Kenyans artistes and creative sector personalities as cultural ambassadors.

The intervention will help create employment to youths in the creative industry.

The government also seeks to push the passing of the Creative Economy Bill that will enable establishment of a film fund.

The Film Fund is expected to support the creative industry under a plan to add value to Kenya’s exports.

The fund will facilitate access to modern equipment and entire film production infrastructure available for local film makers.

Ruto has also established the Hustler Fund, which will provide cheaper credit for micro and small businesses.

The first phase of fund will be rolled out from November 30.

Kenyans will borrow as low as Sh500 and the maximum limit of Sh50,000 as determined by the borrower’s credit score.

The programme’s establishment and implementation was approved by the Cabinet during its second meeting with Ruto.

“We shall implement the Hustler Fund dedicated to the capitalisation of micro, small and medium enterprises through chamas, saccos and cooperatives, to make credit available on affordable terms that do not require unnecessary collateral,” Ruto said.

The President said the Sh50 billion annual kitty will go towards supporting micro, small and medium, enterprises. 

The funds will be channelled through credit societies and investment groups.

Youth unemployment in Kenya is estimated at 38.9 per cent, with an estimated 800,000 young people getting into the labour market every year from institutions of higher learning.