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Here’s a compact solution to your cargo handling challenges


The five biggest challenges the container port industry is facing are better safety performance, greater operational complexity as a result of much bigger ships, managing congestion risk, staying profitable though shipping line economic cycles, and doing more with less space.

Kenya Ports Authority has over the years taken into account these challenges and besides improving efficiency at its own terminals, the
ports management authority has further outsourced the business of cargo handling to selected Container Freight Stations(CFS).

A container freight station is a distribution facility where import and export shipments are consolidated and de-consolidated. CFS’s are a
key component in any supply chain moving interior point intermodal (IPI) freight.

One such company is Compact Freight System Ltd which has been in the logistics business for the past ten years. They are located along
the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway in Miritini, Mombasa. This is a modern transshipment logistics facility, with a container Freight Station
(CFS), a customs bonded warehouse and a motor vehicle storage yard.

They boast a leading edge in the logistics business and have built strong symbiotic relationships with Government agencies, Shipping lines, Clearing & Forwarding firms, Bulk Importers/ Exporters and the general public at large. They are fully compliant with both Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Ports Authority regulations. They are the 3rd CFS to enter KPA nomination by providing capacity, systems and equipment required by both KRA and KPA to effectively undertake CFS functions.

Compact Freight System offers Full Container Load(FCL) services, by handling all types of containers, general standard, high cube, open tops and flat racks. With modern lifting equipment which can handle over height and over dimensional cargo, the company is ready to do more business.

The documentation is prepared as soon as the manifest from the shipping line has been approved. Once the vessel has berthed, the specialized team at the port undertakes tracking of containers which are going to be discharged. If your cargo is not large enough to fill a container, it can be consolidated to make up a full container of either 20ft or 40 ft for shipping. When the container arrives at the port, it is cleared as a FCL / LCL (Less Container Load) basis until it reaches
Compact CFS. The container is stripped and the palletized cargoes are stored in their modern well ventilated warehouses.

Compact Freight System has capacity of over 3,500 motor vehicle units. This, coupled their proximity to the port, affords them an edge over
competition to deliver units to our customers safer and faster. With qualified and experienced drivers to transfer the units without causing damage the vehicles are handled with utmost care during transfer from the port to their yard.

Compact Freight system Ltd has invested heavily in specialized handling equipment, experienced staff and the necessary carriage to ensure priority delivery, safe and secure transfer of cargo of any magnitude. They specialize in transferring huge and over- dimensional cargo from port their CFS.

Compact Freight System has enough capacity to store bulk cargo which includes single stacking for specialized cargo. They provide designated stacking areas for clients with large volumes for ease of various government processes such as verification, release, remarshaling and finally loading on collection from our CFS. Cargo storage types include Bulk cargo, Loose cargo and Self-propelled units.

Compact Freight System Ltd warehousing capacity is expansive with both bonded and free storage facilities available. They pride themselves in the
high levels of service and quality of their warehousing services. The emphasis is on reliability, dependency, modern security systems and efficient service tailored to meet client needs and satisfaction.

Warehousing products include Full trailer and container loading facility, Labeling and sorting services, Storage, distribution and consolidation for imports and exports, Stock control and reporting, High standards goods security, Long/ Short term storage contracts, Container packing and unpacking.

Owing to their proven track record, some governments have selected and contracted Compact CFS as their preferred container freight station. Their compliance with government requirements and fully automated information systems allows secure cargo handling and protection of government revenue. As a result, they have partnered with Panda Freight and Logistics International to assist The Republic of Southern Sudan to increase and improve revenue collection. They provide unparalleled customer care service and provide all required information prior to cargo arrival into the country.