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From painting to powder coating your world

March: April 2022 Vol.22 No.1 Issue No.080
March: April 2022 Vol.22 No.1 Issue No.080

After years 26 years of specializing in the supply of quality automotive and aero- space paints, Dreamcoat Automotive

Refinishing Products Limited now has another kid off the blocks!

Through a sister company, Aeromomotive Innovations Limited, the enterprising organization has now introduced powder coatings into their most sought-after products and services. Aeromotive is known for its expertise in Aircraft paints.

Talking to The East African Business Mirror recently, Gillian Bailey, the Managing Director says that through a business partnership with AkzoNobel, they will be importing and distributing Interpon Powder Coatings in Kenya and the East African region. This follows their appointment after Akzo announced that for strategic reasons, they would be stopping local operations and passing them onto Aeromotive Innovations Ltd with effect from April 1, 2022.

Aeromotive Innovations is headed by Gillian who has been the AkzoNobel Automotive paint importer of Sikkens and Dynacoat in Kenya for over 26 years under the name Dreamcoat Automotive Refinishing Products Ltd.

distributor for many years and with extensive experience in the country, we at Akzo truly believe that there are synergies in the product offerings and in the high level of service required of the customer’’, said Mr. William Waller, the Sales Manager in South Africa of the powder coating manufacturing company in reference to the new appointment of Aeromotive Innovations Ltd.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is an increasingly popular method of providing a protective and decorative coating on metallic objects. Unlike liquid paints, a powder coat is a dry material that will not drip or run upon application. Powder coating is most commonly used on aluminum and steel.

About powder coating

Can be used on everything from automotive parts and household appliances to architectural, agricultural, electrical and construction equipment as well as IT, furniture and general industry.

Interpon Powder coatings are:

• Safe, clean, economical and eco-friendly

• Solvent-free

• Reduced risk of fire
• Lead-free
• Ease of waste disposal
• No hazardous materials used during clean up
• No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) • Contain no toxic heavy metals such as lead or chromium (VI)
• High application efficiency; recyclable, up to 99% usage, overspray can be reused

• Improved productivity
• One coat system, simple process
• Can build high film thicknesses easily, up

to 150 microns with one coat
• No costly removal and reprocessing of solvents
• Highly durable
• Low carbon footprint

In conclusion, our Powder Coatings:

• Give excellent performance
• Meet the wide range of global coatings

• Can offer significant cost benefits

compared to liquid paints • Are safe and sustainable

Advantage of powder coating

The powder coating process is extremely efficient. Most jobs require only one coat, which helps to minimize project costs. Powder coating is cheaper than wet paint and results in less product wastage and excellent durability. It is also easy to adapt the coating thickness to meet the protective requirements of the project.

Powder coating is an excellent choice for applications where aesthetic appeal is important. Coatings are available in a wide variety of colours and speciality effects to produce the desired appearance of the work piece. Powder coating also exhibits fewer differences between horizontally and vertically coated surfaces, which ensures a more consistent appearance throughout the product.

In an era where compliance with environmental regulations is essential for companies in all industries, the powder coating process offers an eco friendly alternative to liquid painting and other commonly applied metal finishing techniques. Most powder coated products are free from potentially harmful chemical solvents and release few or no volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere.

What you can expect from Aeromotive Innovations Ltd

Quality products, competitive pricing and excellent customer service with a smile.

To color coat your imagination, visit Aeromotive Innovations at their new location behind Vision Plaza off Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

For inquiries call or email us on 0722519944, 0721489753 info@aeromotiveinnovations.com
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