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Financial Perks of Being the President of Kenya


The new structure is anchored on a job evaluation carried out by the Commission in 2012.

The review is also informed by research carried out by the agency as well as public participation.
The Commission had early in the year presented a preliminary report to President Uhuru Kenyatta, who hinted during the State of the Nation Address in March that salaries of State officers would be reviewed downwards.

A Kenyan president earns a 1,650,000/- salary per month

Kshs. 1,443,750/- down from 1,650,000/-

(NOTE:Average minimum salary 200K working as a Project Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Consultant, Financial Advisor, Technical adviso. Massive 2021 recruitment conducted by Government, Counties, NGOs, UN, UNDP, World Bank, international development community, UNESCO, WHO, USAID.

Deputy President
Kshs. 1,227,188 down from 1,402,500

CS, AG, Chief of Defence and all those of the same band
Kshs. 924,000 from Kshs. 1,056,000

Principal Secretaries and all those of the same band
Kshs. 765,188 from Kshs. 874,500

Commanders of Various Forces – KDF
Kshs. 746,461 down from 854,241

Speakers of both Houses of Parliament
Kshs. 1,155,000 down from 1,320,000

(Note:If you have ever wanted to work with NGOs, UN, UNDP, World Bank, International Development Community, UNESCO, WHO, USAID.

Deputy Speakers
Kshs. 924,000 down from 1,056,000

Leader of Majority and Minority
Kshs. 765,188 down from 1,020,000

Members of Senate and Members of National Assembly (Parliament)
Kshs. 621,250 down from Kshs. 710,000

New Salary: Kshs. 924,000 down from 1,056,000

Deputy Governor:
New Salary: Kshs. 621,250 down from Kshs. 701,441

County Executives
New Salary: Kshs. 259,875 down from Kshs. 350,000

New Salary : Kshs. 144,375 down from Kshs. 165,000

1. All Governors allowances.

2. All Deputy Governors allowances.

3. Reimbursable Mileage allowance/s

4. Special Responsibility Allowances

5. Sitting allowances for attendances by Members for Senate and National Assembly

1. These salaries have been gazetted and are now law.

2. The Salaries are gross salaries subject to statutory deductions.

3. The Salaries will be fixed for the term of Office including for all successors to the Office.

4. From the above there will be a saving to the Country of Kshs. 8,853,204,952/- (8.8billion) per annum on the various items of categories saved above.

The wage Bill will now drop from 52% of GDP as it stands now to about 35% of GDP.

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