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China-Africa forum: Delegates pledge for enhanced collaboration, emphasis on quality


Amidst an increasingly uncertain global landscape, representatives from China and Africa have pledged to enhance their collaboration, with a particular focus on the Belt and Road Initiative. The third China-Africa Future Leaders’ Dialog, held in Beijing, emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between the two regions.

DIDIER DACKO, Mali’s Ambassador to China, highlighted the current political turbulences and various challenges faced by the international community, including global security concerns, post-pandemic economic recovery, and the consequences of climate change. In light of these uncertainties, DACKO emphasized the need for China and Africa to continue pursuing a High-Quality Belt and Road Cooperation.

JOSEPH OLIVIER MENDO’O, Co-founder of the China-Africa Youth Federation, emphasized the positive impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on African youth. He noted that many projects under the initiative are geared towards supporting and nurturing young people, providing them with new opportunities for economic and social development and enabling them to realize their dreams.

BOURHANI SAID ABDALLAH, a postgraduate student at Tsinghua University, expressed his admiration for the transformative effects of China-Africa cooperation. He highlighted the improved accessibility to television programs in African tribal areas through the efforts of StarTimes, as well as the significant advancements in infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, which have enhanced local transportation and quality of life. Abdallah also noted the progress made in areas such as law, trade, and new energy, driven by substantial investments from China.

MUNENE ANET WAIRIMU, a student at China Foreign Affairs University, emphasized that the Belt and Road Initiative would lead to more efficient resource allocation and deeper market integration, ultimately benefiting all parties involved.

WANG XINGWEN, a doctor and member of the 28th Chinese Medical Team to Guinea, shared the remarkable contributions made by China in healthcare cooperation with Africa. Over 20,000 Chinese medical workers have been sent to 49 African countries, treating over 200 million patients. In Guinea alone, during an 18-month period, more than 9,000 patients were treated, and over 300 surgeries were performed. Wang personally conducted 128 surgeries. President Xi Jinping’s acknowledgment of the Chinese medical teams’ efforts further encouraged them to continue promoting the spirit of Chinese medicine and contribute to building a shared future for humanity.

The China-Africa Future Leaders’ Dialog reinforced the commitment to strengthen cooperation between China and Africa, particularly through the Belt and Road Initiative. With an emphasis on high-quality collaboration, the dialogue aimed to address global challenges and foster mutual development and prosperity.