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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Established in 2000,The East African Business Mirror is the oldest and flagship publication of Impact Communications Group and the oldest surviving business magazine in the East African region.
This most sought-after business magazine reaches the business community across the entire East and Central African region. Published every two months, Business Mirror aims at promoting trade with editorial and advertisement content that provides the growing readership with an in-depth account of developments and prospects in all economic sectors. We focus particular limelight on such areas as Investment Business, Retail Business, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Manufacturing, Energy, Agriculture, Banking, Health, Motoring, Housing and Infrastructure.
We provide accurate and reliable information to investors, policy makers and business leaders through analysis, publication and communication of reliable, timely and objective business news, features and profiles. We are widely respected for our objectivity, balance, consistency and quality content.
The ultimate aim of Business Mirror is to empower the industry stake holders with informative, educative and entertaining bulletins aimed at spurring business activities and general economic growth.

The Company

Impact Communications (K) Ltd was incorporated in Kenya in the year 2000 and the company has branches in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda besides working with reputable agencies and leading media houses in several African countries.

Some of the respectable titles of the company include Contacts East Africa business cards directory, Microfinance Directory, East African Suppliers & Manufacturers Profiles and others.

The core business of the company is Advertising, Branding and Publishing.

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East African Business Mirror International ensures no matter where you are you can keep up to date with the latest breaking business and financial news.

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