About Us

The backbone of any economy either as a country or region depends almost entirely on the ready availability of relevant information concerning opportunities for trade and investment. The East & Central African Business Mirror has since 1999 played the role of disseminating such information across the Eastern Africa region very successfully.
Business Mirror recognizes that information on existing and emerging markets as well as changing business trends and policies is ever more critical in business decision making.

The magazine is A4 in size and is printed glossy 100% full colour with covers Ultra Violet (UV) vanished for high quality aesthetically appealing finishing.

Business Mirror circulates to thousands of people most of who are at high decision making levels in their respective companies or organizations. This target group would be interested with the services and products offered by your organization if advertised in this powerful regional journal. The bulk of our copies are distributed through direct mailing, subscriptions and major supermarket outlets as well as news vendors in Eastern Africa.The circulation of the magazine copies in Kenya is over 60,000, Uganda over 21,000, Tanzania over 24,000, South Sudan over 18,000, and Rwanda over 25,000.

After having taken care of such parameters as circulation and distribution, the publishers add value to the advertiser by adopting a layout that spaces out ads and where possible places them in relevant editorial pages. Prime advertising space is also available on the first and last pages as well as on the covers. Advertising rates are competitively priced to accommodate low budget clients.