JKIA named best airport in Africa

JKIA named best airport in Africa

The recent global rankings done by AirHelp in 2018 have ranked Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) as the best airport in Africa and 38th globally. The ranking was based on assessment of the quality of service issued by the airport, on-time performance and passenger experience.
The data used was collected from 22 December 2017 to March 20th of this year. During the examination, AirHelp factored in cancelled and delayed flights, public reviews from social media sentiment analysis and other trustworthy sources.
JKIA emerged to be the best on this account by scoring highly, flooring its African peers and hosts of globally resected airports. Out of the possible 10, JKIA scored 7.9, 8.3 on-time performance, 7.2 on the quality of service and on passenger sentiments, it scored 9.3.
This was a remarkable improvement from the scores of the previous year. Johnny Andersen, Managing Director Kenya Airports Authority, termed the recognition timely, coming at a time when the airport is undergoing major modernization and upgrading works.
He was also ecstatic about the direct flights between the US and Kenya that are expected to begin on October of this year saying that they would boost passenger traffic in and out of JKIA.


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