Kenya Power targets more customers in Sh10 billion project


Sh10 billion has been set aside to improve electricity supply in the country, Kenya Power revealed in early this month.
The company intends to upgrade the existing network to intensify connections and improve the quality of electricity.
“The growth in customer base is part of our strategy to grow electricity sales and ensure the company’s long term financial viability,’ MD Ben Chumo said. “We aim to connect over one million customers every year going forward in order to achieve targeted milestones.”
Kenya Power has purchased 377,000 poles in the last two years to drive its electrification programme.
The network upgrade includes replacement of wooden poles with concrete ones, maintenance of way leaves through vegetation management, replacement of broken parts such as fuse carriers, the extension of medium and low voltage lines and enhancing conductor capacity to carry more loads.
Chumo said the programme will avail better and reliable power supply to the company’s 4.9 million customers.
Other major projects Kenya Power has undertaken in the last two years include the government-financed National Streetlighting programme, which involved the rehabilitation of existing street lighting masts and the installation of new ones.
The Sh5.6 billion project will be implemented in 52 towns countrywide.
Kenya Power projects come in response to major blackouts that have disrupted services and businesses, resulting in huge losses.
In June, Kenya Power blamed a national blackout on a monkey that allegedly scaled the roof of the company’s Gitaru Power Station causing a 4-hour blackout.
KenGen said in its statement that “a loss of more than 180 megawatts” at the power station “triggered a national power blackout.”
The 225-megawatt station is KenGen’s largest, generating about 10 percent of the country’s electricity thanks to the 100-foot-tall dam holding back the Tana River.


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