Water products prove fruitful in East Africa


One of the major challenges hitting East Africa is lack of reliable supply of water, not least safe drinking water, and the energy solutions necessary to sustain this supply.

However, Davis & Shirtliff, leading supplier of water and energy solutions in Kenya and East Africa region, has stepped in to solve this water problem by offering best products and services.

The company, together with some of the world’s most renowned players in the water and solar industries have united to offer cost efficient, long-lasting and environment-friendly solutions within water pumping, solar solutions and water treatment.

Having been in the business for over 60 years, Davis & Shirtliff is well known as a professional supplier of borehole pumps and other borehole equipment and accessories.
For the drilling process itself, they have a close collaboration with the region’s most professional drilling providers.

The company shelves a wide range of high quality stainless steel borehole pumps from premium suppliers Grundfos and Pedrollo as well as the value option of the company’s own quality brand Dayliff.

“The newly inaugurated Grundfos ‘Subfactory’ at Davis & Shirtlliff’s Nairobi premises has enabled the us to locally assemble and tailor genuine Grundfos submersible pumps to any capacity or need customers might require,” the firm says.

“For installation and maintenance of borehole installations, we have invested in a fleet of eight specially converted borehole service trucks and a highly experienced crew who efficiently installs the equipment.”

Apart from borehole pumps, Davis & Shirtliff stocks a wide range of other submersible pumps and booster pumps. Its own locally produced Dayliff brand is increasingly popular with the market and covers a wide range of applications in water boosting and water transfer in the domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Most pumps are designed for mains power drive, though with the ever decreasing cost of solar photovoltaic modules and recent technology advances solar installations are becoming increasingly popular in remote sites.

“Solar systems are inherently much more reliable, need no maintenance and are a much cheaper long term investment due to zero running costs. Out team works closely with two of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar water pumps, Grundfos and Lorentz, and we have the highest local expertise in designing, installing and servicing solar water installations of all sizes,” Davis & Shirtliff notes.

Davis & Shirtliff has put the stake in the ground to offer treatment on contaminated water across East Africa. “Affordable access to clean water is paramount in East Africa and we offer a wide range of equipment for treatment of the majority of prevailing water conditions. We work closely with world-renowned suppliers GE Water and SO-Safe to deliver reliable filtration, disinfection and Reverse Osmosis solutions and recently new less energy demanding Ultra Filtration technology has been introduced in collaboration with DOW, world leading experts in water treatment and filtration,” the company reveals.

In addition to solar pumping, Davis & Shirtliff has gone a milestone to supply solar water heating systems, producing quality Dayliff brand of solar heating collectors with a 5 years warranty.

According to the firm, obtaining certifications for four of its solar engineers as required by Energy Regulatory Commission has enabled it to be one of the industry’s first organisations officially qualified to carry out all solar installations.

Indeed, Davis & Shirtliff is a major multinational player in the East African market for power products, offering inverter/battery backup solutions and generators from small portable units to large stationary generators. These products are sourced from world renowned manufacturers including ListerPetter, Yanan, Cooper and Elemax. As a fact, the company’s own range of Dayliff DG generators offer excellent quality and unbeatable value for money.

With branches and subsidiaries in 8 countries across Africa, offering biggest water products range, full installation and maintenance support and a team of highly trained application engineers, Davis & Shirtliff is definitely ahead of the pack in the expansion of water and energy solutions.


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