Time to drive Kenya’s water industry


For decades, Kenya has faced a challenge of supplying clean water to its population, Jayarteeth (JT) Karjagi, the Managing Director of Majitec Ltd believes. Captiva Africa report recently revealed that over 43 per cent of the rural population in the country has no access to basic sanitation.

However, JT who is behind a reputable engineering company that has introduced innovate water technology in the country, says it’s time for a change in the sector.

Majitec began its operations in Kenya May 2004, and ten years down the line it has introduced ‘easy concept’ that meet standards of sustainability applying to the water industry.

“The ‘easy concept’ involves water pump applications. Our firm has a wide variety of surface, submersible and borehole pumps, well equipped workshop for servicing, testing and for fabricating assemblies as well as for outside installations,” he notes.

Majitec’s major contribution to Kennya’s water industry to date includes supply of water pumps from reputable international brands like Lowara, Flygt, Vogel, etc. “Our pumps cover many applications from clean water up to several chemical compositions as well as abrasive, hazardous and high temperature liquids,” JT says.

He also explains that the firm can handle large projects in both water and waste water management, and therefore carries out turnkey contracts for total water supply and waste water management which includes design, engineering, supply of plant machineries and related services such as erection, commissioning and trouble shooting.

“Furthermore Majitec caters for all segments of the water supply industry, from small contractors to the corporate giants – large operators such as construction, floriculture, borehole drilling companies as well as water supply boards, major civil contractors and many others,” he notes.

Indeed, as JT reveals that the firm has put a stake in the ground to assure that all clients are satisfied while upholding the technical standards of excellence and innovation. What Majitec’s MD therefore sees in future is water technology solutions being carried out in the water industry across East Africa.


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