Pharmacist’s burning desire to save lives


Young entrepreneur, Dr. Murithi Githui, explores all avenues to save lives through his fast-growing Pharmaceutical business Dischem Pharmacie in Nairobi Kenya.
His business journey though is something to take a load of since it dates backs in 1995 when he graduated from Nairobi University with Bachelor of Pharmacy. Being a fresh graduate, Dr. Githui and his five classmates did not wait to take someone’s cue, but instead decided to set the pace of being the successful businessmen in Kenya’s pharmaceutical industry by starting a joint firm Pentapharm Limited.
Though their business showed constant growth there emerged differences between the five partners which made Dr. Githui bite the bullet to break off the business partnership, moving on to start his own company.
With over 13 years experience in pharmaceutical field, Dr. Githui started Dischem Phamarcie in 2011 , which was a real-time solution to a country that was facing non-communicable disease burden and demands for prescription medicines to treat chronic diseases. “I had to put a stake in the ground by supplying quality medicines to the consumers. We also kicked off the manufacturing of our own medicine brands that we supply to hospitals across the country,” he says.
Indeed, hand work pays since this pharmacy has continued to generate good revenue from wholesale health products supply like: medicines and medical equipment, tablets, syrups, capsules etc. At the same time Dischem’s team has always generated lots of buzz for the new health products manufactured in the firm.
“I always had a burning desire to save lives by assuring customers get affordable medicines as prescribed by doctors. Given the health implication of the drugs to humans, I have ensured that all of our products are of high quality,” Dr. Githui notes.
“Our staffs are enthusiastic and well trained on how to deliver best services. The firm targets customers who always go for quality services.”`
He says that the major achievement he can account for is being able to provide health solutions to customers. Over the past three years his pharmacy has continued to expand and has opened a warehouse for medicine storage. In fact Dr. Githui is eager beaver since he has been able to manufacturer key health brands such as mouth wash/gaggle products, lotion to manage face acne and surgical spirits products.
Dr. Githui owns up that competition in Kenya’s pharmaceutical market is very high. He, however, is quick to say that the competitive market has opened new opportunity to his firm. “There are still untapped opportunities in pharmaceutical market going with the fact that Kenya is the largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region, supplying about 50 per cent of the region’s market. I am currently making headway to produce new medicine brands for albinos, jiggers, hand wash etc,” he adds.
He points out that the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical market in the region has presented the need to increase quantity of production, and also increase the export ratio for quality products.
“Every entrepreneur who wants to venture into pharmaceutical industry must not be in a hurry to generate a lot of money, and instead focus on supplying quality medicines,” Dr. Githui notes.


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