Company exploits opportunity with Toggs goat’s milk


Dr. Mugo Njeru is the sort of business entrepreneur who would rightfully shout from the rooftops. This is because he searches for changes and just as Peter Drucker once said an entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. This seems to be the principle followed by this daring businessman.

Dr. Mugo wears the hat of the General Manager of Kibidav Limited and has climbed the stairway to heaven for being the top leading manufacturer and supplier of toggenburg dairy goat milk products in Kenya’s retail market.

You might think that toggs goat’s milk cannot be a game changer in the milk products sector. But then, in retracing the two years journey of Kibidav, a well established firm in Kiambu County, you start to understand why Dr. Mugo had searched for change and even exploited the rare opportunity, which have seen his fresh goat milk, yogurt and cheese literally flying from supermarkets’ shelves across the country.

“Our first toggs goat’s milk products hit the market in 2012, and were well embraced by consumers. Since then, two years down the line our products have taken off and are now poised for export sales,” he reveals.

In the short years the business has undergone big change. Dr. Mugo is quick to say that the firm started its operations with only 17 toggs, but the number has shot to 81 so far, which is a remarkable improvement. Although the number might seem big, the milk from the goats is not enough to process their products, and this has led the firm to get additional milk from farmers across the country. “Since the products distribution has increased in the market we have been forced to increase the milk capacity in the factory as well. Currently we are getting milk goat from farmers in Meru, Tharaka-Nithi and Nakuru counties just to mention a few,” he notes.

Quality packaging and increased distribution have fueled the growth of milk business leading to smooth sailing into retail market. Currently, Kibidav is stocking its commodities in Nakumatt, Cleanshelf, Uchumi, Chandarana supermarkets among other retail outlets.

As some might not make head or tail of why Kibidav has been glued to processing goat milk products, Dr. Mugo and his team have been on a roll filling the missing gap in the milk industry. As a matter of fact, the main motive of starting the company as he explains was to add value to the daily goat milk products, as well as bridge the gap in the supply of the commodities.

Indeed, the firm seems to be characteristically in grabbing the untapped potential in the market which has few players. “There are no many companies in Kenya producing goat milk products, and therefore we are in a better position to exploit the market,” Dr. Mugo says, adding that they don’t describe themselves just as a milk business, but also health products business.
He sheds the light as to why their commodities have taken the retail market by storm. “Besides the delicious and creamy taste of goat’s milk, it is definitely the high calcium, protein and vitamins in it that make it your choice. Also, since goat’s milk has a different protein profile compared to cow’s milk, it creates softer milk curds that are more digestible, making goat’s milk a friendlier alternative for your kid’s tummy.”

“As you are aware that health is better than wealth, we have been able to provide health solutions to our consumers through the goat milk products. This as a result has seen our fresh milk, yogurt and cheese selling like hot cakes in all outlets.”
Dr. Mugo propels a well equipped ship. The company is much rigidly structured with modern processing equipment in its factory, an accounts department, production department, sales department and so on, having on board more than 14 experienced employees who keep the house running.

“The company has been able to sail through for having governing pillars. The secret of our success is the need to serve flawlessly, as well striving to always deliver best products and services to our consumers. One more thing, our suppliers are in safe hands since there is transparency and honesty in every transaction undertaken in the company,” Dr. Mugo notes.
Although Kibidav’s products have been able to sell for being ahead of the pack, Dr. Mugo mentions that lack of enough awareness about the goat milk remains a barrier in their business. He, however, says that the team has been creating awareness to the consumers.
“The speed of Kibidav growth is very high and in the next few years it will have expanded its wings to the whole of Africa and Middle East,” he adds.


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