The Africa Infrastructure Rollout Conference


The Africa infrastructure rollout conference held on 17-18 Nov 2014 in South Africa will offer fresh ideas that will guide towards an integrated approach to handling infrastructure development and maintenance solutions across a variety of sectors. It will provide a forum where leaders, engineers, researchers, practitioners and stakeholders in infrastructure development, civil engineering and the built environment can deliberate over current challenges and potential solutions towards enhancing sustainable practices.

Benefits of attending

Thinking outside the Development box: Gain a unique perspective for those who play a role in Infrastructure development
Gain profound understanding of the current developments in regards to infrastructure financing
Keep up to date with new approaches and measures for infrastructure developments in Africa
Benefit from exchanging experiences with experts and peers from around the world.
Find investment prospects by learning from the government’s development plan and know the key challenges in developing and rolling out infrastructure projects
Create and strengthen business links during exclusive networking sessions
Share latest advances in sustainable infrastructure planning, design, and construction
Understand industry trends and public policy that will lead in sustainable development
Learn about innovative approaches to infrastructure project financing


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