Elisa machine latest technology in Kenchic’s poultry laboratory


Kenchic Limited, a leading integrated poultry organisation in East and Central Africa, has taken its poultry laboratory technology a notch higher by installing the latest state of the art Elisa machine.

The Elisa machine will be used to detect different poultry diseases by screening for antibodies in blood samples of chickens.

Dr. Watson Messo, the Kenchic ventinary, said that every poultry farmer greatest fear is any disease that could wipe out chicken in the farm resulting to massive revenue loss.

However, Watson said that Kenchic has been continuously investing in the latest poultry laboratory technology.

“We are the first poultry company in East Africa to acquire this type of equipment. Kenchic will now be able to carry out many tests and get results quickly and efficiently. Previously we were sending some of the samples to the UK and this would take a while to receive the results,” he noted.

“Among the diseases which we will be able to detect using the Elisa machine are Fowl pox and typhoid. At our laboratory we are also able to check for level of immunity against Gumboro, Newcastle, Infectious Bronchitis, Mareks and Fowl cholera,” Watson added.

Following the installation of the Elisa Machine, the laboratory technicians took part in a four day training course which was facilitated by Malcolm Phipps, a trainer at Poultry Health Services in UK. The training was also attended by participants from Tanzania and Zambia.

The topics covered included installation of the Elisa machine and preparation of serum samples and interpretation from the equipment reader, salmonella isolation procedures and identification.

“The Kenchic lab diagnoses ailing birds and carries out post mortems on dead ones which are sometimes brought to us by concerned keepers. In addition to giving them a report, we recommend the necessary medication for their poultry and alert the farmers on emerging threats,” Kenchic ventinary highlighted.

He advised that everyone who keeps chicken should have their birds vaccinated against diseases such as Gumboro, Newcastle, Infectious Bronchitis and ‘Fowl Typhoid which are common.

To keep existing farmers abreast with the latest developments on poultry farming and guide new ones on the trade, Kenchic offers training every Monday morning at Exsan House.

The organization is a licensed export slaughter house for poultry. Its production facilities are located at Tigoni (meat processing plant), Athi River (commercial broiler farm and hatchery facility) and six breeder farms on the plains of Kajiado and Naivasha.


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