Drivers and mechanics get training


Boda boda drivers, Jua Kali mechanics and owners of motorcycles in Namanga were recently treated to a free TVS training course and a free clinic for their bikes by Car and General. They were also offered spare parts at reduced rates.

Listed company Car and General is the appointed dealer for TVS and Suzuki motorcycles in East Africa. These bikes are popular with boda boda operators and this extensive training programme targets riders and mechanics.

The Namanga training session was carried out under the Company sponsored countrywide road safety campaign. This is complemented by St. John Ambulance which provides first aid training for the motorcycles riders. The course focuses on common injuries caused by road accidents including airway management, unconsciousness, bleeding, burns and fractures.

They were also taught about the electrical and fuel systems, fault diagnosis and genuine spare parts. Minor repairs and servicing were demonstrated and the participants were shown how to inspect an engine for defects, dismantle it and replace worn out parts before reassembling.

Car and General’s countrywide training sessions for Jua Kali mechanics and motorcycle riders attempt to curb the rising rate of accidents in many parts of Kenya. The aim of the company is to ensure that each area where boda boda riders operate TVS and Suzuki motorcycles has trained mechanics to service the bikes.

It also helps the riders to be aware of the importance of road safety for themselves and their passengers. In addition, with proper servicing and repairs, the bikes will have a longer lifespan to give the owners of these machines the best value from their investment.


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